Let people be.

Yesterday was the first time most of us have socialised in a long time. I noticed more than one person struggling with social anxiety.

It’s often hard to ignore other people’s opinions of you. Especially if you believe they’ve formed the wrong ones.

At the pub, I found myself exaggerating in a self-deprecating way. Possibly because it’s easy to exaggerate after a drink, and I’d prefer this over bigging myself up (no one likes a bragger).

Afterwards, I cringed as I thought about how these people (if they bother to think about what I said) might have formed the ‘wrong’ opinion of me.

For example, I found myself saying things like ‘I just drink loads of vodka.’ And while this is my drink of choice at the moment, I had to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if this has made them think I drink bottles of the stuff every week.

We don’t need to be so quick to jump in and justify: ‘that’s not me really!’

The less we worry about making sure people have the ‘right’ opinion of us, the more we can just enjoy the moment.

One thought on “Let people be.

  1. I found out it’s hard to see people’s expressions behind that mask.

    When I go out to eat or just in general, I can’t tell when people are smiling so it is hard for me to tell if they are joking around or been jerks. But I think we will go back to normal, little by litte.

    What do you guys think?


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