Just One More

Where did the ‘just one more’ attitude come from?

The premise of which being ‘Because you deserve it. Because it’s been a tough week. Because it’s a tough life.’

I’ve realised that giving in to this mindset makes me feel as though I’m hard done by, as though I deserve a reward. 

Which is all well and good when you’ve had a particularly tough week, but now it just seems to be whenever you feel like it.

I think covid’s partially to blame. The reason we put weight on whilst in lockdown, or at least for me anyway, was because I felt like I deserved a reward for dealing with the situation we’d all been flung in. Days of the week stopped meaning anything, and a lot of us ate and drank like it was the weekend while it was only Tuesday. 

I’m working on regaining a little discipline. Trying to shift the ‘just one more’ attitude onto another rep of an exercise, rather than another sweet treat or alcoholic beverage. 

But this response was there before covid, especially with alcohol. It’s harder to say no when your inhibitions have already been reduced.

Why don’t we praise people for abstaining instead of encouraging people to cave into temptations?

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