A lovely day

I’ve had the most lovely day.

I’ve fixed my sleep pattern so I can now fall asleep before midnight and get up early actually feeling refreshed. (I’ve been struggling to sleep before 2am and get up before 11am for a while now).

I started my day reading instead of just popping on the tv. The book I’m on is The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray (for Sober October) and I can honestly say I love every page. It’s got so many good reviews and I can finally see why.

I did my 100 sit ups for my Shelter fundraiser and added 100 tricep dips because my body is getting stronger and I wanted to add on another challenge.

I went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for my podiatry appointment and had a lovely chat with a guy who works there. Then I ubered to Nero and enjoyed a really peaceful empty coffee shop setting. The guy who works there gave me a free coffee even tho I needed 3 more loyalty stamps (a stamp a coffee) and chatted to me for a while about our tattoos.

I popped into Oxfam before it closed and had a little binge. I was delighted to find out this is a jumpsuit instead of a dress (when I tried it on after I’d bought it 😍). I then enjoyed a crisp fresh walk on the way home. 🍁🍂

I’m enjoying the month off alcohol as well as trying out a vegetarian diet for the first time. I’m also really enjoying the counselling course that I’m taking part in.

Things are coming together nicely. Feeling at peace 🥰

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