BBC Interview

Last week Lucy Harrison and I managed to share our stories and what we’re campaigning for to be aired on the radio and also on the tv.

In 2014 I was hit by a car on the Hagley Road and my friend Rebecca was killed at the scene. In the same year and on the same road Lucy’s brother was killed by a hit and run driver.

Lucy created a petition to stop using ‘accident’ when referring to road traffic collisions.

I’ve jumped on board and have been reaching out to newspapers and radio stations. Talking about dangerous driving is an uncomfortable and somewhat triggering subject for both of us, but it needs to be done if anything’s going to change. I’m glad I’m not alone.

I think our short radio interview explains well why we’re backing the petition.

Even if we don’t get enough signatures, we’ve hopefully made a lot of people think about the language they use to refer to RTC’s. Road safety is a huge issue, but deliberate actions are the cause of almost all injuries, and could be prevented if more people followed the rules of the road.

Car’s don’t accidentally collide. Someone was responsible. We need to start seeing crashes on the road as preventable.

Interview from Midlands Today

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