1. Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope: This Too Shall Pass

2. One Moment Please: My Superpower?

3. ChatAholic: The Amazing Harriet

4. The Solvitur Podcast: Harriet Barnsley says “you can get through anything”

5. The Curious Professor: The Life Changing Impact of a Traffic Collision with Writer Harriet Barnsley”

6. Open-Minded Healing: The Path to Thriving, Despite Traumatic Brain Injury and Organic Bipolar Disorder”

7. Utterly Unscripted: Its not a competiton… but Harriet Barnsley won.”

8. What’s the value: “Consistency”

9. Dr D’s Social Network: Surviving Being Hit by a Car at 101mph, The Positive Side of Psychosis and Coping with Your Own Hell

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