1. Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope: This Too Shall Pass 2. One Moment Please: My Superpower? 3. ChatAholic: The Amazing Harriet 4. The Solvitur Podcast: Harriet Barnsley says “you can get through anything” 5. The Curious Professor: The Life Changing Impact of a Traffic Collision with Writer Harriet Barnsley” 6. Open-Minded Healing: The Path to … Continue reading Podcasts


In 2014, I was hit by a car travelling 101mph whilst standing in a bus stop in Birmingham. I woke from a month-long coma to learn that I hadn't been alone and that I would need a wheelchair for life. My oldest friend Rebecca had been killed at the scene. I had completed my degree … Continue reading Recap

Coping with Voices and Hallucinations

Yesterday I attended a zoom class on psychosis. It was incredibly informative, and I couldn't help thinking (and saying) that the presentation should be recorded and made available to the public. Having a diagnosis or a label to give your condition some grounding (rather than just feeling like a bunch of random symptoms) massively helped … Continue reading Coping with Voices and Hallucinations


It's been a while since I updated the online world with what's going on in my life, and since today is Day 1 of shielding, I figured I'd write a post. I'm shielding because I'm due to have surgery on Thursday. I've been waiting for this op for almost two years. Something changed around my … Continue reading Update


Lately, I’ve been going through the motions quite a bit. I’ve been in psychosis for a month 😴 I think (or perhaps my whole life). This isn’t as scary as the word ‘psycho’ implies. Research the condition if you don’t believe me. Lately, I’ve been in and out of A&E, with people continuing to accuse … Continue reading Arguing

Performing Sign Language to ‘One Of Dem Moods.’

For those who aren’t aware, my younger sister Katy was born profoundly deaf (hence the interest in BSL). From using sign language with my family at festivals when it’s too loud to hear each other, to other noisy/hard-to-hear situations, I love being able to communicate with them via sign. After meeting Katy, Joe took it … Continue reading Performing Sign Language to ‘One Of Dem Moods.’


Lately I've quietened down on my blog posts for a few different reasons: 1. I've started to write a book. This will be a book about my story; of the things I've overcome and what I've learnt along the way. I've decided to divide it into 3 sections. Section one is on life before the … Continue reading Update

The Hardest Things About Becoming Disabled, And The Things You Just Get Used To

I’ve been thinking about what it’s like to, all of a sudden, become disabled. A lot of the changes I’ve had to get used to have become almost second nature. This is important. Not to fight against the changes but to embrace them - this is me now. When you come up against things that … Continue reading The Hardest Things About Becoming Disabled, And The Things You Just Get Used To